Black Hawks MC, since 1987


In the late 70ies, a few riders, based in Hamme, decided to start their own club. This was MC Running Free (MCRF).
For about 10 years the club did very
well and at some time was one of the biggest clubs in Flanders.
But in 87 the club was all but dead. 3 members had enough and started their own club: BLACK HAWKS MC was born.
(to this date, 3 of our current members were once a member of MCRF)

The first year the club's base was the local blues bar Het LIEGEBEEST. Soon the club was looking for another base.
For a while that was the livingroom of one of the members. This was not realy a good solution and finally the club moved to a new bar in town.
We named the bar the HAWKS NEST and it was run by one of the members.

The first years of the club were difficult ones. Many members of the first hour left and no new blood joined the club.
Later, the coming and going of members became another problem.
In 1997, the club moved to a new location.
The new place (which inherited the name HAWKS NEST) is now run by and for the club on a non-profit organisation basis

At the beginning of 2008, after about 10 years in the Evangeliestraat, we needed to look for a new clubhouse.
We soon found new premises nearby and worked hard to build a new clubhouse in an old factory hall.
In the spring of 2008 the new clubhouse, located at Vuurkruisenlaan 2, opens.

 Since 94, the club organises the annual Choppershow in september and the club also runs several other events, such as the Whitsunday ride out and party.
Check this website for more details.

Since day 1, the club has been independent of any other club, both in Belgium and abroad.
We intend to keep it this way.

See ya on the road!