In 2003 BHMC starts with it's own unicycle drag team. There is no other goal but to have fun. And since we aren't rich bastards, we need to operate on a tight budget .

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BHMC is one of the first clubs in Belgium to have a working unicycle (Vagabonds MC were first).

The first BHUC (Black Hawks UniCycle) was ready in august 03. The machine was build based on an old Kwak ZX10. We did some trial runs in our backyard (much to the delight of the neighbours) and our star mechanic did some 'improvements' on it. A few weeks later we entered our first competition run, hosted by Vagabonds MC. Later, some trial runs were done at our choppershow. It was then that Marc blew up the engine beyond repairs. Exit model 1.



In 2004 the club buys another donorbike (old Kawa 750) and model 2 was born. We wanted it to be operational by the september choppershow. We barely made it (the final work was done the same weekend) and during the choppershow we did several demo runs. All goes prety well but several on site repairs are needed. There are still some flaws in the design. Model 2 is now undergoing follow up surgery.


In 2005 it's time to get seriuous, there are races to be won! During these races, it is soon obvious that our racer needs more attention. After the races at the Vagabonds MC, Brotherhood MC and demo runs at the 70'ies cycle run, the unicycle is not in a good shape. Mark neither! One crash too many? We get the races in shape for our choppershow in only 1 day. We need to race. During the winter the machine will be stripped and rebuilt. We need to lose some weight and gain more stability (yep, that goes for all of us i gess). No doubt some new ideas will surface and new concepts will be tried. We are looking forward to some heated bar discussions. Yeah!

The 2006 season has finished. Vagabonds MC are the first ever BUMS champion. Congratulations! We have had ups and downs, and overall we finished 5th. We should be able to do better. There are some minor flaws that need to be addressed. Overall it has been a good year. The races have been fair and each time we had a good party. That is all we need!
Next year we'll be back in the competition.

The following years we keep competing with ups and downs. For 2009 a completely new machine with a special design is build. In 2009 we also help to organise participate in the first Eurpean Unicycle Championship.
We become vice-champion (2nd place) in these EU championships (and Ed ended up in the hospital).

2010 starts off low. We don't get to race with the best. We are rather mediocre at the start of the season. And to make things worse, Ed ends up in the hospital for months after a serious bike crash.
Mizze replaces him and he turns out to be a daredevil too and despite his inexperience (and, ahum, his weight), he gets the hang of it and has some good runs. We end up in the bottom half of the pack. We had fun though!

The 2011 season isn't great either. Ed is still unable to race due to his accident and our replacement riders are doing well but cannot compete with the experienced riders. Our machine isn't up to the task anymore.
We cannot beat the better teams with this unicycle.

Ed is back and has build a new uniracer. The new machine is not too bad: we end in the top 5 for the 2012 season. The bike still needs some work and finetuning. So Ed knows what to do for the 2013 season.

2013 is more of the same, be it that we are in the top 3 more often, so there is some progress.
Sam joins the U28 racing team using the old race machine, but he has trouble setting good times. He needs to get used to all the adrenaline and race vibes. But it is fun and that is what it's all about finally.

The following years, Eddy competes for a top 3 spot and then, finally, in 2019 he becomes the champion!

More detailed info on www.unimotorcycle.be